About Me

Photography began as a hobby that turned into freelance job stringing for the local paper shooting sports then Chief Photographer and later Photo Editor. My work appeared in The Enterprise, The Oracle, Ft. Myers Newspress, Tampa Tribune, St. Pete Times, World Tennis Magazine among others. I also served as a team photographer for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team for the 2001 and 2002 seasons. I was an assistant to Theo Westenberger on the cover of the August 6, 1990 cover of Newsweek magazine that featured George Steinbrenner. While at University in Tampa I started in the trenches as a stringer for the school daily newspaper, eventually becoming Photo Editor managing the team and running the darkroom. Working with a largely volunteer staff and a meager budget, it was a challenging job that I loved doing. Since then photography became more of a sideline passion, as I pursued a more profitable career in Information Technology to better provide for my family. A recent medical condition took me out of the workforce, and has allowed me to spend more time with the camera. My disability causes me a great deal of pain and physical activity exacerbates it. Generally speaking spending a few hours away from home imposes a toll that takes days to recover from. Doing anything is a challenge, but I have beautiful dogs here in the house with me and they are wonderful subjects. I do product shots, animal and human portraits and very occasionally I get away to some fantastic places that inspire my muse. I hope you enjoy my work, drop me a comment or a note to let me know what you like, or would like to see.

David R. Wagner